Paper presentations

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Lupi, M.,  


De ruysscher, D., "Bankruptcy and Insolvency in History, Law, and Theory", PhD Training Seminars, Ecole doctorale des Sciences Juridiques, Politiques et de Gestion, Université de Lille-II, 5-7 June 2018.

Seminar 1: Paradigms and Trends in Bankruptcy Theory and History, 5 June 2018.


Seminar 2: Insolvency, Restructuring, and Fresh Start: Comparative Legal History, 6 June 2018.


Seminar 3: Legal Reforms: Insolvency Law Today and Tomorrow, 7 June 2018. 


"Corporate Insolvency and Restructuring Proceedings: Legal Borrowing, National Tradition and Globalization (Nineteenth-Twentieth Centuries)", World Economic History Congress, Boston, 29 July-3 August 2018.

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"Damaged Identity: Bankruptcy and Reputation", XXVth Annual Forum of Young Legal Historians, Brussels, 7 June 2019. 

"History of Insolvency", Belgian-Dutch Legal History Conference, Liège, 14 and 15 June 2019.